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Tired of the limited performance of 4×10 bass cabinets? ISP Technologies has taken a different approach to the modern bass guitar system. Combining the low frequency extension that only an 18” driver can achieve with the natural, extended (but not brittle) highs of dual 8” drivers, the Bass Vector cabinet achieves a balance of depth, impact, and definition that makes 4×10’s sound lifeless in comparison!

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DescriptionThe ‘Pro’ version takes this concept to the ultimate by the use of a cutting-edge technology, ultra-high-excursion, 1000 watt rms 18” driver, and dedicating the entire 1000 watt rms amplifier to driving a single cabinet. The output is increased by 2 to 3 dB over the standard Bass Vector, and simply leaves 4×10’s in the dust, typically exceeding their output at 40 Hz by 6 dB or more at high volumes.

Want more output? The total system power can be further increased by adding additional active cabinets. The line-array topology allows for stacking up to 4 cabinets, keeping the 8” drivers in a vertical line for best horizontal dispersion of the highs. A passive version is available for use with your existing head.

The ISP Beta Bass Preamplifier is the ideal ‘head’ for the system, or the active cabinet can be used with other bass heads when driven from their line output, and the passive cabinet can be driven from virtually any powered bass head.

The extreme performance 18” driver is complemented by an advanced cabinet design featuring optimum volume and a large, deep tuned port. This helps to minimize the non-linear behavior and reduced low frequency output that small ports produce. The cabinet is tour grade, with Baltic Birch plywood construction, dadoed joints, extremely durable rubberized polyurethane finish, metal handles, and casters.

Made with Baltic Birch

Features Extreme performance 18 inch woofer and dual 8 inch midranges; 1000 watt RMS into a single cabinet, and 1000 watt RMS total when a second, passive, cabinet is added. Line array topology; The bass cabinet to die for!
– Extreme performance bass guitar cabinet with one 18-inch woofer and dual 8” midrange drivers in line array topology
– Exceeds the performance of typical 4×10 cabinets by 6 dB or more at 40 Hz at high volumes.
– 1000 Wrms D-CAT amplifier built in (active version).

SpecsLF Driver: 1 x 18 inch, large excursion, 1100 watt rms.
HF Drivers: 2 x 8 inch, high sensitivity, 250 watt rms total.
Sensitivity: 98 dB 100 Hz, 102 dB 1KHz (1 Watt at 1 meter).
SPL: 128 dB at 1 meter, long term.
132 dB at 1 meter, peak.
Frequency Range: 29 Hz to 5 KHz (-10 dB).
Freq. Response: 39 Hz to 4 KHz (+- 3 dB).
Amplifier Power: 1000 W rms, high current DCAT, fan cooled.
Power Required: 5 Amps x 120 VAC typical, 10 Amps max.
Construction: Baltic Birch Plywood, extensively braced.
Finish: Rubberized polyurethane.
Dimensions: 30” W x 21” H x 24” D (without casters).
Weight: 125 lbs.

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