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The ISP Technologies Advantage

The ISP Technologies engineering team has been designing cutting edge audio products for more than 30 years and our engineering technology meets or surpasses even the biggest and most established names in the speaker market. With over 30 patents issued for various audio signal-processing technologies, the engineering team of ISP Technologies has achieved the leading edge in developing state of the art sound systems. ISP understands that the basic foundation of great live sound is fidelity. Delivering extremely high performance live sound with intelligibility, clarity and accurate uniform response at every seat, is the major goal of ISP Technologies. Whatever your sound application, ISP has the right system to fit your need. While most people purchase their first audio system based on price alone and usually end up paying more for that system in the long run by either having to upgrade or replace this original system, ISP solves this problem by providing extremely high quality sound with every speaker at every price point. ISP’s major attention to detail in the midrange sets our speakers apart. Most sound systems cannot deliver ruler flat frequency response in the midrange due to a number of shortcomings such as using a large woofer to reproduce both the lows and mid-frequencies at high sound pressure levels. The paper cone speaker simply cannot deliver crisp clear midrange response while reproducing high power lows due to cone breakup and inter-modulation distortion. However, because of our unique cabinet and engineering design, ISP can deliver both the midrange and ruler flat response desired.

Not all speakers are created equal

ISP Technologies offers a unique solution to the problem of flown, high quality sound reinforcement speakers in small to large Houses of Worship, School Auditoriums, Arenas or any room from 100 to 10,000 plus seats. Our analysis shows that for most cases of flown speakers, a 60-degree or more vertical pattern is needed to cover from the first row to the last. Conventional speakers typically offer a vertical coverage of only 40-degrees, and a horizontal coverage of 90 degrees. And this is only at some limited high frequency range. A big chunk of the midrange is usually handled by a 15 or 12-inch cone, which starts to beam at these frequencies, limiting the horizontal coverage to less than 90-degrees in this range. At the crossover between the large cone driver and the high frequency horn, the large spacing between their centers means that the vertical coverage has a big dip in the response around the crossover frequency at small angles off center. The result is uneven coverage, especially right in the middle of the voice range. Adding more boxes to try to achieve more coverage only makes the problem worse, since almost all conventional boxes do not “array” together properly, giving rise to comb filtering (severe peaks and dips spaced throughout the frequency response) and loss of clarity.

Line array speakers can do a better job than conventional speakers at offering uniform coverage over wide vertical angles, but at a much higher price. This is due to many factors. First, each line array box is designed with very narrow vertical coverage, at least in the high frequencies (anywhere from 3 degrees to 12 degrees). This means you need a lot of boxes to get a lot of coverage. Second, their complex design and “newness” commands a high price per box. Third, each box has it’s own, expensive flying hardware to link the boxes together. And fourth, they almost always require racks of amplifiers, an outboard processor, and experienced technician to set them up right. This has limited their use to larger rooms. Also, many of the line array boxes out there have problems in the horizontal coverage, still resulting in uneven, not very high fidelity sound in many seats. ISP has solved these problems by developing the ISP Reference Line Array Series and the LT Series Speakers. These systems can be custom designed for virtually any size venue and now for the first time, ISP Technologies puts Line Array technology within reach of any budget.

ISP’s Patented D-CAT Power Amplifier Technology

Each of our speaker cabinets is a two, three, or four way active system and includes our patented D-CAT amplifiers. The D-CAT amplifier technology is an extremely high current power design that can actually drive load impedances of less than 1 ohm. This translates into incredible dynamic impact for transients.

ISP Trademarks

High Definition Line Array, HDL 3112, HDL 4210, HDL 4212, HDL 4215, High Definition Monitor, HDM 112, HDM 115, HDM 210, HDM 212, HDA Series Remote Amplifier, LT1, LT1XF, LT2, LT2XF, Mongoose GSL 12, Reference Line 4215, Trimax, Tripower 15, Tripower 900, Tripower Reference, Triwedge, Triwedge XH, VMAX 12XL, VMAX 15XL, VMAX 120C XL, VMAX 150C XL, VMAX 150C XH, XMAX 112, XMAX 115, XMAX 118, XMAX 212, XMAX 218, XMAX 415, Bass Vector 115, Bass Vector 118, Bass Vector Pro 118, Beta Bass Preamplifier, Decimator, Decimator G String, Fetish, ProRack, ProRack G, Theta Combo, Theta Head, Theta Preamplifier, Totally Blues, Vector, Vector 112, Vector 212, Vector SL, D-CAT, Dynamic Saturation Modulation, iSPGreen, LINESIM, Time Vector Processing, and True 4-Way Line Array Technology are all Trademarks of ISP Technologies.

ISP has developed the proprietary LINSIM™ computer design program

LINSIM is mathematical speaker modeling, analysis and design software that was more than a year in development. Unlike most contractors or music dealers who may use a common computer program to input the dimensions of a room and use this information to sell the best fit from the inventory they have, using LINSIM, ISP actually optimizes the design of a custom speaker system that has been specifically designed for the individual room. Larger rooms require more speakers in order to deliver the required SPL level. This causes a problem in that multiple speakers equals multiple sound sources delivering multiple sound waves that interact causing radical changes in the frequency response at different angles from the speakers. This is where ISP Technologies has the advantage over all of the competition with its proprietary LINESIM software. All ISP Technologies Line Array designs are developed using LINSIM thus providing a new level of precision and high fidelity sound. This ensures a design with proper pattern coverage, system dispersion and high SPL performance without any system response errors. Because ISP is the manufacturer we can deliver a custom designed Line Array system using LINSIM to provide the highest level of performance for your venue.

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