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Roy C.

“Well I received my ISP theta preamp today. Honestly, I was mesmerized my Ethan’s guitar recordings since I ordered it Saturday. I spent an hour listening to all of his videos over and over again wondering, is this too good to be true? I am an old Marshall Plexi player and only have one PTP Plexi left out of my original; eight touring monster amps for the past 30 years, but holy macaroni and cheese folks – This Preamp Is Absolutely Amazing !!!

I was miffed that not a single video did any justice to the clean tones. I have been sitting here playing Lydian clean Holdsworthian lines up and down the neck, and straight ahead and other exotic and modal lines for the past two hours. This pedal with the right detune and reverb and delay has produced Metheny, Di Meola, McLaughlin, Stern, Scofield, Coryell, Martino — You name it. And the lead tones – OMG! I almost fainted!

I was going to buy some Xotic fusion pedals too. Forget it! This does it all clean to low to med to high gain, classic Marshall JCM Plexi and JCM 800 to everything the Randall Thrasher does and NOT at $1,700 USD either.

I paid $251.50 Blem for mine from and it is in perfect shape. I am getting another one to set up two separate lead tonalities on the pedal board, one old school Marshall high and low and the other new age Holdsworthian white metal LOL. No Luciferan-Satanic anything spoken here boys and girls !!! I’m a pure Christ Jesus camp guy.

I have not, nor am I planning on running this into the front end of any guitar amplifier. You can if you turn the preamp off, but the magic of this lovely 24DB+ beast is slamming power amps into cabs = PURE ASGARDIAN MAGIC.

On my big rig now I am running two Avatar custom 2×12 cabs:

The top 2×12 is open back with JBL D120F clones (Beyma Liberty- 8s 300 watts/side @isptechnologies.com8 ohms dual mono) fed by my top ART SLA-2 from my Lexicon Reverb Rackmount preceded by two VOX Delaylabs in series and a boss CH5 Chorus and a boss PS6 in detune mode only. That’s the top.

The bottom is a completely dry Avatar 2×12 Eminence Delta Pro 12As 400 watts 8 Ohms dual mono fed by the bottom ART SLA2.

How does it sound? Best gosh durned tone I have every achieved in my entire life effortlessly! If such a thing as a taste of heaven on earth is real, then this was it.

Thanks guys and gals at ISP. A truly amazing and innovative product and finally! I’m getting a second one. I have two Randall RG 75 combos I use in clubs bypassing the front and coming in the return power amps from the back from an FJA modded preamp and a ZOOM G5 feeding them. The tube amplifier Thrasher is a lovely mono head for anyone running a mono rig on stage, but it cannot be as flexible as two Theta floor pedals in my current simple top bottom configuration. At the end of the day I will have spent less than $700 for two ISP Theta pedals, and saved a grand not buying another Randall amplifier. Oh well … Ergonomics and $aving$ Rule LOL !

Thanks again – A truly amazing product!”

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