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Sweet ISP Visit to Sweetwater

Michael Sweet press releaseRecently ISP Technologies and Michael Sweet traveled to Sweetwater to participate in both a sales meeting and a special workshop and clinic. Early in the morning, ISP CEO Buck Waller provided a presentation to the Sweetwater sales staff on the Theta Pro DSP, the Michael Sweet Signature Theta Pro DSP, Stealth Pro Power Amp and the new Stealth Ultra Lite Power Amp.

Highlighting the patented technology that went into the development of these products as well as the primary features, Waller ran through a hands on demo and fielded questions. The 1.2 pound Stealth Pro Power Amp is 180 watts true RMS (360 peak) when mono bridged. It is 90 watts true RMS (180 peak) per channel when used in its stereo configuration. The new Stealth Ultra Lite, made primarily for pedal boards, is a 90 watt true RMS (180 peak) power amp that also includes a preamp with 12 db of gain and adjustable bass and treble. Because these are not Class D amps, they have great tone and warmth.

Both versions of the Theta Pro DSP floor controlled guitar system have a fully programmable digital Theta preamp, Vintage preamp, and studio quality effects processing. They also both include, ping pong stereo delay, stereo Leslie rotary speaker and a stunning studio reverb with multiple selectable parameters, 4 voice chorus, flanger, phaser, wha, tremolo, along with a built in full function tuner that is accurate to 1/2 cent. The Michael Sweet Signature Theta Pro DSP also includes a post distort 3 band full parametric equalization, bass and treble and ships with the 11 personal presets designed by Michael and used in both his recordings and live applications. The Michael Sweet version is packaged in a classic black and yellow chassis with Michael’s signature.

In the evening, Michael Sweet held a clinic from 7:00pm to 8:30pm in the amazing Sweetwater Auditorium. During this special clinic, Michael gave a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the MS Theta Pro and shared his journey to the classic one-of-a-kind sound of Styper. He shared stories, put the Theta Pro through its’ paces, played songs and fielded questions from the audience. Afterwards, he signed autographs and talked with fans until after 10:00pm. A Sweet time was had by all.

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