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Sweet Crystal Rocks With ISP

Sweet Crystal, a Christian rock band hailing from Michigan, is connected to ISP Technologies in more ways than one.  While Bill Blatter, lead guitarist and one of the original members of the band, uses ISP guitar gear, he also has been with ISP Technologies from the beginning, and has helped design what he plays!

The band, including Marq Spec and Steve Wieser, have been together for 40 plus years and were a Christian rock band before it was even a well known genre.   With years of honing their skills and producing quality hard, progressive rock music with a message of ministry that is contemporary and not preachy, Sweet Crystal has won 15 Detroit Music Awards, including the coveted 2015 Global Music Award.  Other major awards were Best Performance, Best Artist and Best Recording in the Gospel and Recording Category.

In Bill’s Sweet Crystal arsenal, he has both the ISP Totally Blues and Fetish, which he designed, and now also uses the spectacular Theta Pro DSP, a Floor controlled guitar system with a fully programmable digital Theta preamp,

Bill Blatter

Bill Blatter Rock 4 Vets Festival

Vintage preamp, plus Studio quality effects processing.  Bill not only helped in the design but ISP also included some “Wild Bill” presets.

While  Sweet Crystal promotes their newest CD, 5 Caret Rock, produced by Chuck Alkazian (Christina Aguilera, Mitch Ryder, Pop Evil) they had the chance to also promote the Theta Pro DSP on-air at The Summit.FM radio station. When asked about the pedal, Bill said,   “The Theta Pro DSP will be my go to preamp for both stage and studio performance.  The versatility of the tone shaping and intelligent speaker sims allows me to voice the guitar exactly where I want it to sit in the music, from clean to crunch to over the top gain.”  Besides the amazing tone shaping of the Theta Pro, that fact that it is also Made in the USA was of much interest.

For more information on the ISP Technologies Theta Pro DSP floor pedal, or any ISP product, visit  For more information on Sweet Crystal, visit

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