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Artist Endorsement Information

Before applying to become an ISP Technologies Artist, please read thoroughly through the information below.

What does an Endorsement with ISP Technologies mean?
An endorsement with ISP Technologies basically means that we believe your success as a musician/band will benefit ISP Technologies’ business and inspire potential customers to invest in the gear. An endorsement means an Artist Discount on purchase of gear.

Why doesn’t ISP Technologies offer free gear to artists?
Like many other high-end brands, we do not offer free gear deals to artists. The reason is simple, we build professional equipment for professional musicians and we want dedicated artists as reference players that share our faith in ISP Technologies as the best sounding gear available rather than just playing whatever free gear they can get their hands on.

If you don’t care what you play as long as it is free, ISP Technologies is not the company
you should work with.

Do I/my band qualify for an endorsement? Do I need an endorsement?
There are a couple of reasons why endorsements exist. Companies need respected, top musicians to represent their equipment to emphasize the quality of the gear – if it is good enough for these players, imagine what it can do for you! On the other hand, hard working musicians need companies to support them to make their daily work as touring and recording artists a bit easier. If you are a hard working and successful musician, ask this to yourself…

1. Do I/my band tour and/or record frequently?
(+150 gigs/year, busy session work with renowned artists)

2. Are a lot of people paying attention to what I do?
(Record sales, MySpace/Facebook visitors, fan clubs etcetera)

3. Am I seeking endorsement mainly because I need the support of a bass amp/pedal company
to make my work smoother?

4. Finally, am I ready to invest something to get the best sound available?

5. If you said no on the first two questions, what else makes you stand out in a way
that ISP Technologies will benefit from supporting you?

If you reply ’yes’ on most of the above questions there is a good chance you will be accepted for an endorsement. If not, you need good reasons to convince us what makes you stand out.

What are the terms if I become an ISP Technologies Artist?
The terms for an agreement is subject to negotiation, but generally a three year commitment to use the gear exclusively (amps, cabinets, pedals) is required, and the right for ISP Technologies to use your name and picture to promote ISP Technologies products when suitable. A pedal deal does not require exclusivity, but it requires that the artist use the equipment frequently. We expect the artist to represent the company by showing appreciation in album covers, posting links to ISP Technologies on their website, using the equipment as much as possible on stage and mention the gear in interviews etc…

All ISP Technologies Artists also have the right to have their profile posted on the ISP Technologies website and being considered as part of the ISP Technologies family!


If you/your band is interested in becoming a official ISP artist,

Please Submit the following information to for evaluation


Email Address

Telephone Number


Info about my career, and what I am interested in

Links to my music



Send an electronic press kit to



Mail a press kit to
5479 Perry Drive, Suite B Waterford, MI 48329




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