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The Beta Bass Preamplifier offers the professional bassist the highest level of performance that only ISP Technologies can provide. By incorporating our patented Time Vector Processing, the compression circuitry becomes the most adaptive to be used in a bass processor as it allows the Beta to truly track the signal of the notes played. Add in the patented Decimator Noise Reduction Technology, and you have the only bass processor on the market with built in noise protection!

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DescriptionWith two parametric bands (a low mid and a high mid), bass, treble, bright and an exciter (for phase manipulation), the Beta lets you shape your sound to your own specifications. For absolutely unsurpassable performance, pair the BETA Bass with the ISP Technologies BASS VECTOR or BASS VECTOR Pro cabinets and get up to 4000 watts of bass depending on your choice of configuration!

The BETA Bass Preamplifier is available in standard 19-inch rack mount chassis or installed in a touring cabinet sprayed with polyurethane rubberized texture finish.

Features 2 active EQ’s, Compression, Exciter, Decimator Noise Reduction, designed to drive BASS VECTOR Active cabinets.
– Extreme equalization including Bass, Treble, Bright, Low Mid parametric, High Mid parametric and foot switch controlled ISP Technologies Bass Exciter.
– Signal level indicator with Multi-stage clip detection allows accurate control of the internal gain structure of the preamplifier and processor.
– Decimator noise reduction for absolute silent operation.
– Adaptive Bass Compressor providing smooth volume leveling.
– Balanced XLR and RTS ¼ inch Main output connections.
– Balanced XLR direct output selectable to provide pre-processed input signal or post-processor direct out with level control and ground lift.
– Foot switch controlled effects loop with rear panel effects mix control.

SpecsInput Impedance: 500k Ohms
Maximum Input Level: +20dbu
Maximum Output Level: +20dbu
Bass Treble cut-boost level +/-15db
Low-Mid parametric frequency range: 60Hz – 1kHz cut boost range +/-15db
High Mid parametric frequency range: 200Hz – 6KHz cut boost range +/-15db
Compression section – based on Time Vector Processing adaptive response auto makeup gain
Decimator Noise Reduction: Greater than 80db
Dimensions: 19″ W x 1.75″ H x 6″ D
Weight: 8 lbs.

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