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ISP Technologies Introduces the ELLEFSON Beta Bass DSP

Ellefson PRWhen ISP Technologies jumped in the DSP pedal arena with the Theta Pro DSP floor controlled guitar system, they knew a Beta Bass DSP floor controlled bass system would be coming next. Based on the analog Beta Bass preamplifier technology, the ISP Technologies BETA BASS DSP™ is a Floor controlled Bass guitar system with a fully programmable super precision digital Bass preamp with Studio quality effects processing plus a built in full function precision bass tuner. This is not a modeling processor. The BETA BASS DSP allows the bassist to create the best tone possible with incredible flexibility. The preamp section delivers more tone shaping and flexibility than any bass processor available.

Wanting both a standard unit and a signature model Beta Bass DSP, ISP turned to David Ellefson. David co-founding bassist of the Thrash Metal titans Megadeth and an ISP endorser since 2016, has lent his name and pre-sets to the new Ellefson Beta Bass DSP. “When creating a product like the Ellefson Beta Bass DSP, I have to think about my own professional applications, but also about other player’s needs and tone solutions. I think we hit the bulls eye with a unit that is dazzling out of the box, but also customizable for players across any genre.”

Ellefson PR 2The BETA BASS DSP pedal provides the professional Bassist with the same level of performance at the THETA DSP processors. Full programmable with 224 presets and a song mode with 124 songs with 4 patches per song. The BETA BASS DSP offers more tone shaping than any other bass preamp with a full complement of effects algorithms including distortion, compression, new Decimator X Technology, Bass Exciter, envelope follower WHA, tremolo, phaser, multi-voice chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter, reverb, intelligent speaker simulation and a bass tuner. The signature Ellefson model is set apart for the standard unit by his color scheme, signature and nine of his signature presets written by David himself.

The BETA BASS DSP is designed and manufactured in the USA and is covered under US Patent 7,532,730 with other patents pending.

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