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The ISP Technologies engineering team has been designing cutting edge audio products for more than 20 years and our engineering technology meets or surpasses even the biggest and most established names in the speaker market. With over 20 patents issued for various audio signal-processing technologies, the engineering team of ISP Technologies has achieved the leading edge in developing state of the art sound systems. ISP understands that the basic foundation of great live sound is fidelity. Delivering extremely high performance live sound with intelligibility, clarity and accurate uniform response at every seat, is the major goal of ISP Technologies. Whatever your sound application, ISP has the right system to fit your need. While most people purchase their first audio system based on price alone and usually end up paying more for that system in the long run by either having to upgrade or replace this original system, ISP solves this problem by providing extremely high quality sound with every speaker at every price point. ISP’s major attention to detail in the midrange sets our speakers apart. Most sound systems simply cannot deliver ruler flat frequency response in the midrange due to a number of shortcomings such as using a large woofer to reproduce both the lows and mid-frequencies at high sound pressure levels. The paper cone speaker simply cannot deliver crisp clear midrange response while reproducing high power lows due to cone breakup and inter-modulation distortion. However, because of our unique cabinet and engineering design, ISP can deliver both the midrange and ruler flat response desired.

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Unauthorized Australian Dealer

I has been brought to our attention that AudioBuy Australia has been selling our products, but they are an unauthorized dealer without authority to do so. Please be sure to check our website’s Dealer page to find your local authorized dealer!

ISP Technologies Goes Underground

One of the most unique studios has quietly been attracting attention in Mesa, Arizona. The Platinum Underground Studio, built 30 feet underground, is a 4000 square-foot, multi room facility designed by legendary studio designer, Vincent Vann Haaff. For over 40 years, Vann Haaff has been designing venues such as Capitol Records, Sony’s facilities, Henson Studios, Continue Reading


ISP Technologies, although helping in only a small way, is proud to be associated with Notes for Notes®, a non-profit organization which designs, equips, and staffs after-school recording studios inside Boys & Girls Clubs and after-school sites offering youth the opportunity to explore, create, and record music for FREE. Started as the brain child of Continue Reading

BETA BASS Reviewed by German Magazine: The Bass Professor

Did you know that the BETA BASS was reviewed by renowned German Magazine The Bass Professor?  

Theta Pro DSP Ad in May Issue of Premier Guitar Magazine

Have you seen our ad for the Theta Pro DSP in the May 2016 issue of Premier Guitar magazine? Check out the digital version online at:

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