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Phil Gilley Beta Bass PreAmp and Bass Vector 210ISP Technologies, although helping in only a small way, is proud to be associated with Notes for Notes®, a non-profit organization which designs, equips, and staffs after-school recording studios inside Boys & Girls Clubs and after-school sites offering youth the opportunity to explore, create, and record music for FREE.

Started as the brain child of Philip Gilley and Roderick Hare’s connection to both music and volunteering at the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, they combined these two favorite things: playing guitar and just hanging out to begin the conceptualization of Notes for Notes. When they realized that many youth, especially those needing a positive place to be, have no access to music or instruments with which to express themselves, the idea was hatched. After much hard work, and even some serendipity, plans fell into place to open the first Studio in 2007. From there, as other organizations and musicians saw what was happening, Notes for Notes truly began to take shape.

As the Notes for Notes movement continues to grow, with the advisory board being packed with musicians and entertainers, Phil and Rod are proud to have 12 Studios now from Santa Barbara to Nashville to Detroit with another 7 on the way around the country. Detroit is actually the first Studio outside of a Boys and Girls Club, but it is located inside the S.A.Y. Detroit Play Center and was built in conjunction with Mitch Albom; renowned author, radio personality and founder of the S.A.Y. Detroit charities, along with other notable companies and individuals. Which is where ISP connects to the story.

After contacting S.A.Y. Detroit to see how ISP could get involved with a great Michigan charity (ISP Technologies designs and manufacturers their pro audio and professional guitar products in Michigan), ISP was directed to Phil. Seeing a great fit with all the musical equipment the Studio needed, it was brought up that the Studio was in need of some Bass Gear. ISP donated a Bass Vector 210 powered cabinet and a Beta Bass Preamp Pedal to help fill the void. Phil commented, ” We really appreciate your support. We had the Boys & Girls band program in from Cleveland (our partners down there) and their bass player was digging the pedal (and shocked it was the preamp too).”

Although a small donation in the grand scheme of things, ISP Technologies will also be donating the same set up to their Atlanta Notes for Notes, and perhaps other gear as the need arises. ISP feels humbled to help in any capacity. For more information on Notes for Notes, visit

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